It’s election year and the BLUE 22 FORUM is back to give Democrats, Independents (NPAs) and Recovering Republicans a voice. The first Forum will be held on Wednesday, April 6th, and every Wednesday thereafter, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, in the African American Cultural Society Center at 4422 U.S. 1 North in Palm Coast. Easy to get there. It’s in between White View Pkwy West and Palm Coast Pkwy West. Look for the white pyramid in front.

Our new host is Sally Hirst, president of the Flagler Beach Democratic Club. No one is more conversant in local, state and national politics. We’ll discuss the issues, candidates and more.

Come and lend your voice to this always open and inclusive discussion. Bring your thoughts on this crucial election year. Everyone speaks and everyone listens.

See you all on Wednesday, April 6th at 12:30 pm.


Join us every first Thursday of the Month

Our meetings are held at the African American Cultural Society. It’s conveniently located at 4422 N. US Hwy 1 (near Whiteview Pkwy.). The PCDC will hold a social ‘meet and greet’ at 6:00pm (the Cash bar is open). We will then have a short business meeting at 7:00pm, which will be followed by our guest speaker.  A question-and-answer period will then follow.

Our Next Meeting will be April 7

PERSEVERANCE: Episodes of Black History from the rural South by Randy Jaye

Jaye writes that the book “was inspired because many aspects of black history in many parts of the rural South are both underappreciated and under documented. Many of the local episodes of black history in this book occurred in Flagler County, Florida and are excellent microcosms of black history from the rural South. Some of these historic episodes are remarkable and include Ku Klux Klan ties to the county’s founder, the “Famous Christmas Letter to Flagler’s Colored Voters” (which was a community-wide physical threat to prevent blacks from voting), a black bootlegger killed the County Sheriff during a Prohibition raid, no high school was provided for blacks for 32 years, many of the county’s elite white citizens were members of the Citizens’ Council, and the county’s school board filed one of the last and most frivolous law suits of the Civil Rights era as a last-ditch effort to prevent desegregation. You are invited to take a journey through various episodes of black history from the rural South featuring local historical adventures weaved into broader national and international events that span from the European Invasion of the New World, the Plantation-era South, the American Civil War, Jim Crow laws, the two World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement and beyond.”